Mounting Your Barn Quilt

Your barn quilt can be easily mounted on your building exterior with owner provided stainless steel hardware. The barn quilts are light weight. Approximate weights are: 18″X18″= 3 lbs, 24″X24″= 5 lbs, 36″X36″= 11 lbs, 48″X48″= 19 lbs, 6’X6′ =22 lbs, and 8’X8′ = 40 lbs.


Yes, people do hang barn quilts indoors too! Attach an OOK brand sawtooth hanger to the top center of the barn quilt about 1 to 2 inches from the top. OOK brand is recommended because the nails are not too long and will not penetrate to the front of the barn quilt. Home Depot sells OOK brand hangers. Install a wall hanger on the wall at the desired height. If possible, install the wall hanger into a stud. If not, use a butterfly molly to mount on drywall. For most construction, studs are placed at 16” on center.


For structures with steel, wood or composite siding and stud walls, mount the barn quilt with 2 ½” or larger stainless steel screws (#10 or #12). Use stainless steel to prevent screws from rusting and staining your barn quilt.

  • For a 2’ or smaller barn quilts – Drill 3 holes (one at each top corner and one at the bottom).
  • For 3’ or 4’ barn quilts- Drill 4 holes (one at each corner).
  • For 6’ or 8’ barn quilts- Drill 6 holes (one at each corner and one midway on each side.

If you want to cover the screws with paint (many people do not), place the holes in an area for which you have touch-up paint. Countersink the holes, install the screws, then fill the screw holes with a white paintable caulk. Use touch-up paint to conceal the caulk.  Touch up paint is provided by Ohio Barn Quilts if you picked up the barn quilt at the studio. If the barn quilt was shipped, the color codes can be provided to you upon request for you to locally purchase a sample size paint container for touch up.


Drill 3 to 4 holes in the barn quilt as described above for stud wall installation. Use lead sink mollies or steel sleeve mollies to mount the barn quilt to the wall. When drilling holes in the wall for the mollies, drill in the masonry seams between the brick or blocks so as not to crack the bricks. This will allow you to easily remove the barn quilt without leaving any permanent damage to the wall because masonry seams can be patched.


One owner wanted a small 3′ X 3′ Ohio Star to fit on the hay loft door yet leave it operable. As you can tell the Ohio Star is popular in Ohio!

The 8’x8′ Shining Star Barn Quilt required a lift to mount it high on the barn. Look how wonderful it is with spotlights on it.

Let’s place a barn quilt on your property!

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