Our next show is on May 18-19, 2019 in Miamisburg Ohio, called Springfest in the Burg on Riverfront Park. It is outdoors, so pray for good weather! I will have a lot of gorgeous barn quilts for you to choose from in 3’X3′, 2’X2′ and 18″X18″ size. The 4’x4′ size can be ordered at the show for pickup at my studio in Oregonia, Ohio (N. of Cincinnati near Lebanon Ohio). You can preview some of my patterns on the Gallery Tab. Hope to see you there!

Wagon Wheel REVERSE Barn Quilt

1st Showing of Barn Quilts-April 26-28, 2019 Green Co. Fairgrounds, Xenia Ohio

Be sure to come see the spring lineup of barn quilts April 26-28, 2019 at the Green County Fairgrounds, 120 Fairgrounds Rd, Xenia Ohio. (Get a Google Map here.)  I will have 3’x3′, 2’x2′ and 18″x18″ barn quilts ready made for you to take home and put on the exterior of your barn, shed, house, garage or gate. The 4’x4′ size can be made for you (for pickup at my studio in Oregonia Ohio).  Check out my full art show schedule on the Schedule of Events and Venue tab. I am also available by appointment for you to visit my studio.

Rose Barn Quilt

We Now Ship Most Sizes!

We are now set up to ship 18’X18″, 2’x2′ and 3’x3′ barn quilts! Sorry no shipping for the 4’x4′ size; they are much too expensive to ship due to the UPS large size upcharge. Visit the Gallery tab for designs then order through the Shop tab if you want it shipped to you OR order through the Contact tab if you are intending to pick it up at the studio. If you are within driving distance it is still to your advantage to come to the studio in Oregonia, Ohio (near Lebanon Ohio, N. of  Cincinnati) and pick up your barn quilts.

We are excited about our line-up of shows for 2019. Please check the tab Schedule of Venues and come see us! This is one of my latest patterns called Barn Swallows in the Window.

Barn Swallows in the Window Barn Quilt

Gorgeous Day to Hang a Barn Quilt

Barn Swallows in the Window Barn Quilt

I just completed this Barn Swallows in the Window barn quilt today in an 18″ and 2′ size. I like it so much I am starting a 3′ size of this same pattern today.  The 4 points in burgundy are the swallows. Notice how they “fly” around the blue barn window. Wouldn’t this look nice on your barn, shed, house, garage or gate?

Almost Valentines And You Are Out Of Ideas!!

Oh no! Are you scrambling for that perfect Valentines gift but have no idea what to do. Well I can help you out. I have many lovely READY MADE barn quilts in various sizes to choose from and take right home. I have sizes 18″X18″, 2’X2′, and 3’X3′ in several of the patterns shown on the Gallery page. Call me at 513-310-3861 or email me at and lets get your hugs and kisses lined up!

Blue Bird Barn Quilt

Double Dahlia

Blue Double Dahlia Barn Quilt

Mariner’s Star Barn Quilt -Blue Border

Wagon Wheel Barn Quilt with Blue Border

Apple Tree Barn Quilt

Marigold Barn Quilt-with border

Blue and Yellow Star Barn Quilt

Cardinals Barn Quilt


Spring and Fall 2019 Upcoming Shows

It may be winter but I am signing up for 2019 art shows already. Notice the spring motif on these barn quilts; I can’t wait for Spring!! These are shows where you can purchase my barn quilts:

April 26-28- Xenia Ohio “Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati (Green Co Fairgrounds).
May 18-19- Miamisburg Ohio “Spring Fest in the Burg” (Riverfront Park-new location).
June 1- Augusta Kentucky “Art in the Garden” (Riverside Drive) .
June 8- Waynesville Ohio “Second Saturday Street Fair” (Downtown Rt 42 Waynesville).
Sept 14- Waynesville Ohio “Second Saturday Street Fair” (Downtown Rt 42 Waynesville).
Sept 28-29- Warren Co Ohio (Lebanon) “Country Applefest” (Warren Co Fairgrounds).
Of course Ohio Barn Quilts is open all year by appointment to receive custom orders or for a studio visit. You can reach me through Contact tab on this web page or by emailing me at
Barn quilts are now available for sale online in our Shop.  Any purchase is available for pickup at my studio in Oregonia, Ohio (N. of Cincinnati, near Lebanon Ohio). See the Contact page for a Google map.

Cardinals Barn Quilt

Blue Bird Barn Quilt

Sunflower Barn Quilt

Bee Barn Quilt



Spring Art Show Lineup

Be sure to check the Home Page for a listing of my upcoming shows. Hope to see you there. I will bring 18″, 24″ and 36″ gorgeous barn quilts to each show. The 48″ barn quilts are custom order only. Can’t wait for a show? Then reach me through the Contact tab or email me at for a date to come to my studio. Custom order are welcomed.

Ohio State University Buckeye Star Barn Quilt


Treat yourself to a barn quilt!

Did you get cash for Christmas since you are so hard to shop for? Why not consider treating yourself to a barn quilt for your barn, shed, house, garage or gate? I am taking custom orders again and have many ready made to take home. Contact me for an appointment time convenient for you at 513-310-3861. Be sure to leave a message since I am in the studio painting most of the day. You can contact me through the Contact tab on this web page or by emailing me at

Ohio University Mini Barn Quilt


Ohio State University Buckeye Barn Mini Quilt 11 1/2″X15″


Indiana University Mini Barn Quilt